The aim of this website is to collect and provide information about the Internment Camp in Urbisaglia Bonservizi and the people who were imprisoned there from 1940 to 1943.

The building that housed the camp, Villa Bandini, suffered serious damage by the 2016 earthquake in Central Italy and even if the rooms that housed the internees are closed to the public now, the funding that the government will provide for its restoration allows Fondazione Giustiniani Bandini -the owner of the villa- to plan a museum  to commemorate the people who lived the last years of their life there.

As it will take a few years before the museum will be inaugurated, this time will be used to try and find additional information, documents, photos and biographies of the internees that are to be remembered in the museum.

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Giovanna Salvucci, PhD

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Annalisa Cegna, ISREC Macerata, Giuseppe Ferranti, Roberto Cruciani, Gadi Schoenheit, Emanuele Viterbo, Sara Baretta, Marion Scott, Judy Brodkey, Paola Chinellato.