Historical Overview

The Urbisaglia Bonservizi Internment Camp was established inside Villa Giustiniani Bandini at the Fiastra Abbey. It opened on June 16th, 1940.

The Camp could house about one hundred internees: there were Jewish notables, Italian Jews who were potentially dangerous for political reasons, foreign Jews from countries where racial policies were enforced, anti-fascists and Slovenians.

Internees came and went to and from the Camp up until August 1943.

On September 30th, 1943, a truck driven by an Italian fascist official and escorted by German soldiers entered the Camp to transfer its internees to another camp in Sforzacosta. Imprisonment in Sforzacosta lasted only a few months: the former Urbisaglia internees, together with prisoners from other camps in the province of Macerata, were taken to a concentration camp in Fossoli, in the province of Modena, and from there to the extermination camps in Germany.