Ramras’s grandson returns to the Urbisaglia camp

On Monday 2nd September Yedidya Honig, grandson of Heinrich Ramras,  returned to visit the Urbisaglia camp together with his wife Malka.

Mr. Honig had already visited the camp with his sisters Jehudit and Ilana last April, but he returned to show his wife the place where his grandfather was interned from 1941 until 1943 and that has become a very important remembrance place to him and his family.

Yedidya Honig was welcomed by Giovanna SalvucciCristina Arrà (member of the Urbisaglia Town Council) and Paolo Carpera (manager of Riserva Naturale Abbadia di Fiastra), who reiterated the intention of the Fondazione Giustiniani Bandini of creating a museum  to commemorate the people who lived the last years of their life in Villa Bandini.

Cristina Arrà, Malka and Yedidya Honig, Paolo Carpera (Villa Bandini, September 2nd, 2019)